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CC's of Orono Cross Country

Orono Girls’ Cross Country mission is to maximize the potential of our student-athletes by teaching them to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We aim to help each individual recognize their unique talents in order to serve others and contribute to the team and our school community in a positive way. As a program, we value team culture and tradition as a means to support our core values - The CC’s of Orono Girls’ Cross Country: Commitment & Community, Courage & Competitiveness, Contribution & Conscientiousness.

I am most passionate about creating a positive team culture for Orono Girls’ Cross Country. I look to develop a program where girls feel motivated to belong and inspired to go "all-in" for their team. I am driven to empower my student-athletes to overcome challenges and grow in their self-confidence on and off the cross-country course. Coach addy hallen

Competition Calendar

November 2023
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Oct 29
Mon, Oct 30
Tue, Oct 31
Wed, Nov 1
Thu, Nov 2
Fri, Nov 3
Sat, Nov 4
Girls_Varsity_Cross_Country (Home)
Les Bolstad Golf Course
Sun, Nov 5
Mon, Nov 6
Tue, Nov 7
Wed, Nov 8
Thu, Nov 9
Fri, Nov 10
Sat, Nov 11
Sun, Nov 12
Mon, Nov 13
Tue, Nov 14
Wed, Nov 15
Thu, Nov 16
Fri, Nov 17
Sat, Nov 18
Sun, Nov 19
Mon, Nov 20
Tue, Nov 21
Wed, Nov 22
Thu, Nov 23
Fri, Nov 24
Sat, Nov 25
Sun, Nov 26
Mon, Nov 27
Tue, Nov 28
Wed, Nov 29
Thu, Nov 30
Fri, Dec 1
Sat, Dec 2

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